10 Tips to Boost SEO and Rank Well in Amazon

Most companies get their start by using a skilled search engine optimization (SEO) agency to help boost online visibility. The main goal is to use the Google algorithm to rank company websites higher and higher on the search engine results page (SERP). That said, it isn’t just about Google, as there are other platforms that can be used, such as Shopify and Amazon. The latter, in particular, is unique as its economy can be as grand as Google in some places. Such is the reason why Amazon SEO is in such high demand.

While the use of an SEO agency specific to Amazon can benefit a company greatly, it also helps to learn the many tricks of the trade. Here are ten tips to boost SEO and rank well in Amazon!

  • Understanding matters of price

Most companies have to work hard to break even, and an online store might price their items a little higher than the competition in an effort to even things out. Unfortunately, such a thing can be risky for new online stores, as pricing the products much higher than the most popular competition will result in the product not ranking at all. It is still possible to post higher prices, but it’s important to be as competitive as possible.

  • An easy to navigate storefront

The next thing to consider would be how easy it is to navigate the company’s storefront. The idea is to keep things as optimized as possible, similar to how a supermarket might properly label its items. It’s good to have a pattern when it comes to the design and to keep things simple to ensure store goers don’t get confused.

  • A mind for images

Similar to the above tip, having quality images is a big part of what makes an online store great. For example, it’s a good idea to use high-quality images so that online users can zoom in on the product. Having pictures of the product at different angles also helps.

  • The importance of long-tail keywords

Similar to most other types of SEO, it’s all about the keywords. A company cannot move forward without the necessary keyword research, and long-tail keywords are the types that Amazon shoppers are most likely to use. Long-tail keywords are those that contain three or more words, and it’s never a bad idea to use long-tail keywords for most Amazon SEO strategies.

  • Why bullet points matter

Most store owners have quite a bit to say about their products. If the company wants to make the information as easily digestible as possible, breaking it down into bullet points will get the job done. It makes things easier for the online user to read, and increases the odds of a purchase.

  • Competitor analysis

Many reasons why some Amazon store owners succeed over others is based on their ability to analyze the competition and tweak their strategies. Researching into the company’s most popular competitors is an excellent means of sizing up the competition while at the same time learning from their patterns.

  • Optimizing the title

Aside from optimizing the storefront, another best-practice method is to ensure that the product title is as optimized as it can possibly be. It should include elements such as the brand, product line, material, product type, packaging, size, and color. Optimizing the title also includes taking advantage of long-form keywords.

  • Tell a story with product descriptions

It can be challenging to get the attention of most online users if the store owner does not have engaging product descriptions to go with the optimized titles. Keeping things direct and to the point is still largely the point, but there’s no reason the store owner can’t add in a few relevant keywords by telling a similarly relevant story.

  • Keep an eye on the reviews

Most online users will look into Amazon reviews as a means of figuring out if the products are worth their time and money. Getting the customers to write honest reviews is the main goal, as it can help store owners make changes based on constructive feedback.

  • The use of Amazon SEO specialists

Last but certainly not least, one of the easiest ways to learn all about Amazon SEO is to hire specialists that can help. Not only will they get the job done and increase brand visibility, but they will also help the company owner learn the ins and outs of SEO in platforms such as Amazon. It can help provide a relevant roadmap that the company can use for future endeavors.

Aside from the tips above, it would also be a good idea to look into digital marketing avenues outside of Amazon. The use of social media channels can help spread the word and potentially bring more people to the Amazon storefront. It can be an arduous process, but it’s well worth the effort.