Green Card through Lottery

Most people believe that it is easiest to get a Green Card through your employer if one is working in America or if one of your family members is a naturalized citizen. What if you’ve never been to America? Or if you don’t know anyone there? Don’t be discouraged. Green Card lottery might be the right choice for you.

Green Card Lottery

The American Congress has also data sgp created a lottery to help you obtain your Permanent Resident card. This program will allow 50 000 people to win US resident status through lottery. Yes. You can have it, if your name is drawn from the lot.

History of the Permanent Resident Card Lottery

The US Congress initiated the green card lottery in 1986 to acknowledge immigrants from unrepresented countries as well as those who were affected by the INA (Immigration Nationality Act). To provide opportunities for “diverse” immigrants, the congress created the Diversity Immigrant Visa program. This program allows people from unrepresented countries to work in the United States and obtain permanent resident status.

Apply Process

In the past, applications for Permanent Resident cards lottery were submitted by post. In 2003, however, the application was done online. You first need to check with USAGCLS to see if you are eligible. If you are, you will need to pay $250 for administrative fees. To obtain the form, you will need to go to the US Department of State website. You will then be provided with your username and password so that you can complete your application. If you are applying for a Diversity Visa, the most important document you will need is the Diversity Visa application. You will receive notification via mail once you have won the lottery.

Rights and Privileges

You can get all the rights and privileges that Native Americans enjoy, except the right to vote. This card is only for American citizens. Your card will grant you permanent resident status that can be renewed every ten years. The card gives you the right to work anywhere in the United States, as well as the ability to invest and start your own business. You can apply to become a US citizen by proving 5 years of residence. The Permanent Resident card allows you to enjoy all the rights and obligations of Native Americans, such as tax payment.