There are several precision of electric heater assembly.

Make the electric heater assembly accuracy, so that the machine can have normal operating performance. The accuracy of the assembly mainly has the mutual fitting accuracy between parts, relative exercise accuracy, and phase extraction. (1) Metallization accuracy refers to the cooperation quality and contact accuracy between the surface, such as the gap or an overference, contact table, and the like. (2) Exercise Accuracy Reflects the accuracy of the relative motion of the relative motion in the electric heater, such as the transmission accuracy, and the rotation accuracy. (3) Position Accuracy Refers to the distance accuracy and mutual positional accuracy between the related components in the electric heater, such as the distance size and accuracy requirements between parts, parallelism, various beats, verticality and the same Shaft degree, etc.

In hospitable oil systems, the mating method of the flange and the pipe is a gap fit.

The assembly accuracy of the machine ultimately affects the accuracy of the machine actually Time, that is, T-making accuracy, such as the assembly accuracy of the machine tool directly affects the accuracy of the parts machined on this machine. Under normal circumstances, the assembly accuracy of the electric heater energy efficient space heate  is guaranteed by the plus Trision of the components, and the processing accuracy of the part is the basis for ensuring assembly accuracy, and the assembly process is a method and means of ensuring assembly accuracy. For some items with high assembly accuracy requirements, or components that make up parts, the assembly accuracy is directly guaranteed by the plus Trision of the part of the part, the additional accuracy requirements of the part are high, which will give Bring difficulties, even unable to process. At this time, it is often used in the production of TE economic precision to determine the accuracy level of the part to make it easy to process. However, in assembly, it is necessary to use a certain process method (trimming, adjustment, etc.) to compensate for the defects of TE precision to ensure product assembly accuracy. The accuracy of the mechanical product is ultimately realized by assembly. According to the product performance requirements, structural characteristics and production types, production conditions, different assembly methods can be used to ensure product assembly accuracy, and the method has interchange, option, Finance method and adjustment method. In the mating of the flange and pipe in the electric heater, the flange is a plurality of plug-in workpieces, and the management is also a large number of workpieces. The gap between the assembled flange parts and the tube is high, and the required assembly accuracy is not high, and it is necessary to meet the predetermined assembly accuracy requirements for any selection, trimming and adjustment. Assembly with interchange, its assembly accuracy depends primarily on the manufacturing accuracy of the part. According to the degree of interchange of parts, interchange assembly can be divided into full interchange assembly method and incomplete interchange. The formation of full interchange assembly is used in the mating of the flange and the tube in the electric heater. In all products, each of the components of each product does not need to pick or do not need to change its size or position, it will meet the assembly method required to assemble accuracy. The assembly quality is stable and reliable (assembly quality is the addition of tap of parts to ensure);Simple with the process, high assembly efficiency (parts do not need to be selected, no need to grind); easy to achieve automatic assembly, easy to organize flow operation; product maintenance is convenient.The shortcomings of this mating method is that when the assembly accuracy in the thermal conductive oil system is high, the manufacturing tolerance of the composition ring is strict, the manufacturing tolerance is difficult, and the processing cost is high.The full interchange assembly method is suitable for machine structures that are not highly assembled in a large number of components of the formulation of components or the number of assemblies in large amounts of production.