This means installing structures


New insights into human interaction and why people think and behave the way they do are only significant in terms of an organization if leaders are able to interpret and act on the information through applying the right models and frameworks. This means installing structures and personnel able to drive a new leadership focus on the needs of people through teams, departments and ultimately the whole organization.


David Rock points out that ‘innovation involves being able to notice signals in the brain’. This entails being able to focus without distractions – often difficult in the constant ‘noise’ we are surrounded with today. Neuroscience has already helped considerably with unlocking the creative processes in the brain and with increasing the capacity for ‘breakthrough’ moments, many of which can be applied to the workplace.

 Change Management

Resistance to change is often quoted by leadership as one of the main problems organizations face. This is particularly common when change is imposed without consideration for the fundamental needs of the people within the organization: expecting to change habits without first understanding why there may be resistance never works. People want to feel aligned with the change and to understand their role in the direction and vision of the organization. They need their work to have meaning – and neuroscience has been applied to create models that help us do this.