vivo v15- A Comprehensive Overview

The Vivo V15, reviewed star by this author, is kind of lite variant of the great pro. So is it any good? Well, sort of. Vivo released the V15 in India just a short time ago in order to add the pop-up selfies to the already crowded smartphone market. So, is it worth getting one, or should you wait for something better?

The main selling point of this phone is its camera: it has a 13 MP rear camera which does a decent job of taking pictures in both normal and low light. It’s worth noting that the ODEON camera has optical zoom, but the vivo v15 has a digital zoom. In normal light, the camera takes great pictures, even in dimly-lit scenes. However, if you’re looking for night shots, then you’ll probably be disappointed with the images.

The battery life on the vivo v15 isn’t too vivo v15 good, though. It lasts for just over two hours on average, though this varies between phones. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t buy this phone if you’re planning on using it for more than an hour per day.

Another downside of the G Peppard Odeon is that it lacks the dock connector for the iPhone, which is a bit of a let-down since you can’t use the iPhone as a stand-in for the handset. This is probably a problem for many users, but I don’t think it’s anything major. Other complaints about the Oppo smartphone include poor sound quality, lack of memory card slot (and consequently, low capacity storage), poor display quality and less powerful cameras compared to the Nokia 8.1. While these are minor issues, they do detract from the otherwise good experience that the Odeon gives.

The one positive thing I did find with the vivo v15 is that it worked great when in daylight. Even when I wasn’t taking any selfies, the screen lit up brilliantly, so I knew that the photos were coming out fine. I also noticed that there was no lag when browsing through the internet or performing other tasks, and no screen burn during sunlight. In fact, the battery life lasted for long enough for me to top off my iPhone before needing to recharge it again.

In the end, the vivo v15 is a decent smartphone. For $300, you get a nice-looking phone with a solid display and plenty of battery life. It’s not perfect, but for casual use it works very well. If you want to snap some selfies with a decent camera and a stylish phone, the vivo v15 could be an excellent choice.